about me

Writer, movie-crier and hype queen® who's laid roots in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore but currently call Providence, Rhode Island my home. My work is bite-sized: flash, short fiction, poetry, and that blurry zone where "prose poetry" meets "poetic prose" (and are really the same thing).

I studied anthropology at Brown University, with an unofficial focus on literary arts. My work aims to simultaneously activate and neutralize sensuality, emphasizing the physical body as a non-erotic medium for exploring human relationships. (Translation: I write about sex that isn't particularly sexy.) I like surreal elements and lots of touching.

Other stuff: I love aquariums, the Seattle Seahawks, and feeding on the energy of terrified introverts. If I don't like your online dating profile I will probably make a found poem out of it.

I owe so many debts to better writers who continue to push me to improve.

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